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​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions

    Maybe you will find some answers to your questions below. Of course, if you cannot find an answer, just email here and you will receive an answer shortly.

    The psychology environment is a professional space, but where you are welcomed warmly and sincerely. The session lasts 51 minutes. Half of that time is a discussion about your expectations for your psychology, and in the other half, you will talk about your specific situation that brought you to therapy. As for the number of consultations required, this will vary depending on the nature of the problem and other factors. 
    The psychologist will keep all your information strictly private and confidential. However, information may be divulged if you give permission to the psychologist, if you implied intent to hurt yourself or others, or if the court asks for information.

    We are human. It is natural to feel that something may be wrong with you. Psychologists understand that you may feel vulnerable and that you may feel ashamed of your problems. We all go through difficult times, and the psychologist is available to you so that you need not feel the burden of coping entirely on your own.

    Both are mental health professionals and both can identify what kind of problem you may be having. Psychologists are specialists who have trained in ‘talk therapy’ and formal assessments. Psychiatrists are specialists who have trained from a medical background.

    The cost of a two-hour group session is R560 per person. The cost of a one-hour session for individuals, couples, or families is R1,215. Payments are cash only, or proof of payment by EFT. You will receive a tax invoice by email that you can present to your medical aid for reimbursement, depending on your medical aid cover.


​                                                                                                                      CBT Banking Details

                                                                                                                 NAME      DANIEL RABINOWITZ

                                                                                                                  BANK      ABSA BANK

                                                                                ACCOUNT NUMBER      38007470808

                                                                                         ACCOUNT TYPE       CHEQUE ACCOUNT

                                                                                           BRANCH CODE       632005

                                                                          Email your proof of payment to medpractice@mweb.co.za

                                                                   Alternatively, remember to bring the printed proof of payment to your session.